Praying to scorpions

An Arab professor wrote the deranged screed below against the Americans and the Jews. Outrageously, he still has a job teaching at an Egyptian public university; clearly the country is run by savages and lunatics.

"Ordinary Muslims are arming themselves for war with you. I and many of my friends have closets full of handguns, rifles, shotguns and thousands of cartridges. If we had enough ammunition and time, we would kill every last one of you.

"We completely support Bin Laden and our martyrs. We only wish they would destroy you faster, but we are certain that they will.

"One day soon, our bombs and bullets will begin turning your churches, your godless universities, your hotels, your government offices, your hideouts, and your neighborhoods into rubble.

"And then our Jihadis will enter your cities and begin the work of killing you, roaches, as you crawl from the debris…. We will transport the Jews to our deserts, where they can pray to scorpions under the blazing sun."

Oh no, wait. This was an Christian professor at an American university, talking about the Americans killing all the Muslims. And yup, he still has a job, and isn’t in jail or Guantanamo Bay. It’s all good to know…

(via Crooked Timber)

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One thought on “Praying to scorpions

  1. I posted about one of the comments elicited by this bit of screed. Absolute madness.

    Oh, i heard that Micheal Howard gets through up to ten rent boys a night. He has a a habit of combining Cocaine with ground up Viagra.

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