Friday afternoonage

I’m going to have to spend this Friday afternoon working harder than ever before, which is an annoyance. Oh well. If you don’t, then the Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy adventure game (yup, the original 1984 one, now online) wasted several months of my time back in the early 1990s. I recommend you let it do the same to you now…

I’ve had a request to post a photo of insects being extracted from a man’s eye, which I might do another time if the situation warrants it… In the meantime, here is an evil mind control cat:

(from the Tipton Asylum)

Final thought: do people who use the phrase ‘tired old cliche’ realise what they’re saying?

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5 thoughts on “Friday afternoonage

  1. You play adventure games, johnny?! Cool!


    "Starship Titanic" is better. Funniest game ever. Except the parrot’s chicken puzzle was too damn hard.

    What else have you played?

  2. Damn you John, from me too!

    I’m going off to play this now. I may not post anymore today, at all, anywhere.

    Fucking lefties… All they wanna do is play fucking games and waste their fucking time…

  3. Ain’t my cat, sadly: I’m far too irresponsible at the moment to take on feline duties (I also live in a first-floor flat, and having a cat without a catflap so that it can choose when to go in and out seems terribly wrong…)

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