Down with TV

For the first time in about a month, this evening I had time to watch TV at the time when some good programmes were on. So I turned my TV on to catch the interesting-sounding programme on Jewish comedians, only to be met by a snowstorm with green lines superimposed on it.

None of the TV’s controls have any effect; nor does removing the aerial – overall, it seems to be entirely fucked. It’s 13 years old, and cost less than £100 when new, so I’m not really annoyed about the value for money side of things. But damn, why couldn’t I have found this out when there was only rubbish on?

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3 thoughts on “Down with TV

  1. Fortunately, as my wife insisted on watching Casualty for nit-picking purposes (she’s an NHS employee), I taped it, and a quick glance at the beginning and end of the tape suggests I got all of it.

    So if you’d like it once I’ve got round to watching it, you’re most welcome.

  2. Thanks very much for the kind offer. Unfortunately, I don’t have a VCR; if you fancy ripping it, encoding it as a DivX and uploading it to my server, that would be excellent, but beyond the call of duty….

    Fortunately my Freeview box has an audio output, so I got to listen to the programme. Since the programme was about Jewish humour, this worked fairly well; had it been about slapstick or surrealism, it would have been rather more frustrating.

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