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On nasty man and closet batty boy Buju Banton, by a daft PC idiot: "Personally I believe that he is singing about his culture and no one, no matter what the situation, should be criticized for expressing his or her beliefs".

Fortunately I disagree, which allows me to state that Melissa Henry’s beliefs are outrageously, unequivocally stupid. I’m not sure whether she’s incapable of understanding the difference between criticism and censorship… it sounds implausible, but the idea that she believes everyone should have impunity to express their beliefs without being challenged on how fuckwitted they are is even more so.

Ho hum. Thanks to slightly surprising source Laban Tall for that one. Although I’m less convinced by his thoughts on the similarities or lack thereof between hostages in Iraq and captives in Guantanamo.

In response to a BBC Have Your Say piece comparing the two situations, Eric the Unread points out that George Bush is unlikely to cut the Gitmo prisoners’ heads off personally while reciting the Lord’s Prayer. This is true, although it seems to fit Peter Cuthbertson’s point about attacking an analogy based on irrelevant dissimilarities (the salient features in both cases are that they’re in cages, they don’t know what’s going to happen, they might well end up being topped, and it’s mostly being done to appeal to the home crowd).

Laban’s example is a little more surprising: "Not exactly the same, Eric. The beheadee would be an innocent bloke pulled off the street, chosen on racial or religious grounds". This appears to be a claim that the people in Guantanamo are all guilty, and weren’t chosen on racial or religious grounds.

I’m sure Ms Henry wouldn’t offer any criticism of this belief, although I’m less convinced about the rest of the world…

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2 thoughts on “Daily inanity

  1. All I can say is PETER TATCHELL is a fucking true working class hero-even if he is an Aussie! There are stories in the South London Press that the Yardies have placed a contract on him, & that he’s now under 24 hour police protection.
    Hope it’s not true, & if it is the bullet misses & gets the copper!

  2. I think you’ve misunderstood my post, old bean.

    Eric didn’t actually mention Guantanamera in his fantasy, but he chose a captured Al Quaeda fighter for the victim. Whereas Ken Bigley isn’t (say) a soldier, just an engineer of the wrong race and/or religion.

    (And I suppose it’s possible that the Gitmo captives were chosen on the grounds of race and religion, but had the US wanted to do that, why fight half way through the Hindu Kush ? They could have easily picked up 500 random locals, which is what you seem to be implying, within a few miles of Bagram. Oh, I forgot – they’re all innocent – ‘cos they said so.)

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