Crete, smashing, super

I’m following the general trend, and going on holiday for a week of metaxa, sun and more metaxa – bloggage should resume on July 25 or 26.

Have fun without me. Feel free to leave comments about banana-slapping and/or people killed by mad world leaders; if you get bored of that then try any of the excellent sites on the right of the screen. (Blood and Treasure and Jonny Billericay are my latest additions).

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One thought on “Crete, smashing, super

  1. What is it with bloggers and Crete? I went there myself recently; I hope you’re enjoying as much as I the abundance of cheap alcohol,warm weather, and the effects of these on the amount of clothing worn by the ladies. Alas, I find they only choose to truly bare all on the beach twenty years after it would have been a decent experience for the rest of us.

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