Oh yeah, and…

I know that we (in the context of England football) play like oafs and not stylish groovy Continentals; I know that people who stone Portuguese restaurants are scum; and while they deserve it for a wide variety of other reasons, a hate campaign against the Swiss would be gratuitous.

Nonetheless, if anyone (of any nationality, persuasion or creed) believes the second England goal genuinely should have been disqualified, I’d like to invite them to make their case. And you’d better be convincing.

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One thought on “Oh yeah, and…

  1. That’s the way modern football is. Touch the keeper in the box when there’s a cross incoming, and you’ll get a foul given against you. In John Terry’s case, sticking an arm around the keepers shoulder and trying to give him a hug whilst simultaneously stopping him from jumping pretty much constitutes a foul in my book.

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