Brief Glasto music review: Captain Beefheart’s Magic Band are ace, despite the absence of the good Captain; Snow Patrol suck donkey’s cock; Keane are annoyingly good; and the Aphex Twin is a lazy arse for not bothering to turn up.

Politically, the main thing that was interesting (if, perhaps, unsurprising) about Glastonbury was the amount of knee-jerk anti-globo propaganda going on. Not just in the sense of anti-GWB (this is merely sanity), but a very traditional late-1990s way. So no mention of Kick-AAS (I guess Michael Eavis is a farmer…), lots of mentions of the Great Evils of third-world privatisation, and none of the Far Worse Evils of third-world corruption and fucking incompetence.

Which is fine, and infinitely better than any right-wing slanted festival could possibly be. It’s just a bit of a shame to see something with its heart so clearly in the right place campaigning for the wrong things.

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2 thoughts on “Back

  1. Is it good or bad to suck donkey’s cock?

    Should I have to ask? ;o)

    From what I’ve heard, I think they’re the dog’s bollocks, the hound’s testicles, I think they kick ass, but I wouldn’t like to say whether they sucks donkey’s cock…

  2. I’m being a fool, it is clearly terrible to suck donkey’s cock. Sorry you didn’t like them. I thought they rocked on the telly.

    My perspective on the anti-globo thing is, yes but… Yes but the great evils of third-world privitisation (and debt, and the way this is forced on the third world by undemocratic global institutions which ultimately serve the free-market adjenda, etc etc…) are OUR FAULT, and we can do something about them.

    Third world countries get screwed internally and externally. IYKWIM. Maybe you think the internal screwing is worse, and I don’t disagree. It’s a matter of what we can do.

    We can help stop the internal screwing, the corruption, by encouraging countries to stop being corrupt. But we can help a great deal by not screwing them over ourselves as well. So I don’t think the ‘anti-globos’ are campaigning for the wrong things. They are campaigning to change the things we can change, rather than to change the things we can’t do a great deal about.

    I can’t see a movement going far based around slogans such as "It’s all the fault of poor countries, nothing to do with us!" "Stop being so corrupt, and then maybe we’ll stop screwing you!"

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