Fear and loathing return

I’m sure this has been noted by others, but I’ve just realised that Americans are living in 1972.

The decade of peace, prosperity and idealism is dead; the US is embroiled in a war that’s probably the most divisive it’s ever been on the home front.

Occupying the presidency is a disgraceful crook, whose vice-president and other cronies are even worse, and whose administration is already being investigated for a wide array of crimes and stupidities.

The Democratic presidential candidate, who anyone sensible would support at the drop of a hat, is dismissed as naive and incapable of winning the – largely manufactured – “war”.

While a large community [1] of non-mainstream journalists, readers and commentators are well aware of the president’s unsuitability for his office, the mainstream media hasn’t (yet) summoned up the bravery to investigate his misdeeds properly.

So… on the minus side, Bush will win in November. On the plus side, his corruption will finally catch up with him and dog his second term; Cheney will be forced to resign in October 2005 to be replaced by Tom DeLay; and Bush will follow suit in August 2006. The DeLay administration will achieve next-to-nothing over the following two years, and Phil Bredesen [2] will emerge from nowhere to become Democrat president in the 2008 election.

Britain appears not to be living in 1972, other than with reference to the mysterious success of The Darkness. This is probably Just As Well.

[1] 1972: alternative print outlets; 2004: web.

[2] The present governor of Georgia is a Republican; Tennessee is a similar-ish venue run by a Democrat.

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4 thoughts on “Fear and loathing return

  1. So, we’ve got The Darkness rather than George Bush? I think that’s the first time I’ve ever been thankful for The Darkness.

  2. If Americans are living in 1972, does this mean there’ll be a major oil price shock next year?

    Oh well, in four years time it’ll be a rerun of apparently the best year we’ve ever known…

  3. little different than in 1972.

    Do you honestly think this congress, with its Republican majorities, would vote to impeach Bush?

    Nixon only resigned when it was clear he would be impeached.

    FUnny that you mention Delay as Cheneys successor. He is now knee deep in the filth himself. With all the crap he has done, he still hasnt been booted. The Republicans protect their own.

    I wish for our countries sake that you are right and Bush gets the boot…but i dont see it happening unless there is a power shift in the 2006 election that leads to democratic majorities in the house and senate. and i dont think thats happenin.

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