Ireland and famine

I don’t know a great deal about the Irish famine. However, I’m fairly convinced from everything I have read that the idea of the evil English deliberately genocide-ing a million Catholics is bollocks.

This National Review article (I know, I know) has an interesting argument – in particular, raising the point that the New York authorities played a major role in releasing the potato blight that was the famine’s direct cause.

Can anyone point me towards a good and (more or less) unbiased source dealing with this? I’d quite enjoy having a stick to bash Irish Americans with next time they raise outrageous lies about murderous Brits…

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3 thoughts on “Ireland and famine

  1. I remember reading somewhere that what happened is that the blight virus which had existed in South America since before it & the potato were discovered by Europeans was, for the first time, able to reach Europe. This was because the new faster ships were, in the 1840s, able to cross the Atlantic in less time than incubation period of the disease.

    We should remember that the world used to be much more difficult to travel around. In the 1840s it was probably as difficult for the average Englishman to travel to Ireland as it was a century later to travel to our Indian Empire & much more difficult than it is today for any of us to travel to Ethiopia or Congo, should we so wish.

    Judged in those terms British statesmen were no more callous towards the Irish than their descendents were towards starvation in India or we are to present goings on in Congo. Of course it is always easier to see the faults of others.

  2. Well that is not true,. I have read abou t the Irish famine, and soem eliote right wing aristio nats, of the british empire, did feel that a reduction in teh population may be goodm, as tehy thought it was overpopulated.

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