Sooner him than me

A different John B (I’ll say that again for the benefit of the Decent Left: a different John B) has set up a blog that promises to keep an eye on the rabid missives of Melanie Phillips. Should you be suffering from low blood pressure or a lack of extreme rage, I recommend following it regularly. Right up to the point where the compiler is driven too insane to post.

Actually, even that disability hasn’t stopped Mel yet.

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7 thoughts on “Sooner him than me

  1. john b

    Thanks very much. As you’ll agree, we all need a good laugh and I can see I’ll enjoy myself immensely over there.

  2. I still don’t like that term `Decent Left’. It’s so misleading. How about something more descriptive like `Hitchenofascists’.

  3. Could be a great blog. Counter her with facts but with humour too – and John B (both) do it well.

    What’s remarkable is the huge cleavage – between her rants and reality.

  4. I am a big mong. Didn’t spot the link you’d already posted. apologies.

    NB love your blog – been a fan for, ooh, months!

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