Return of the Presbyterian Church

We salute the Chinese producers of pirate DVDs, despite their terrible and debilitating effect on content providers. And despite the way they come and annoy you while you’re having a drink, a meal or a haircut.

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3 thoughts on “Return of the Presbyterian Church

  1. This looks like a literal transliteration of the Chinese characters into the English words that most resemble their formal meaning without any attempt to translate idiomatically.

    (I don’t speak or write Chinese, btw, but I’ve seen enough of this kind of thing to make a reasonable guess at what’s happening).

  2. A bit like my favourite Chinese subtitle – on the film Tiger on the Beat, someone cryptically says "My brother’s not easy to get on with: he’s tear and I have mucus".

    I think this is something to do with the Chinese concept of the various bodily humours, but it really doesn’t work in English.

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