14 thoughts on “Product of the year

  1. Any chance of a description? According to our proxy, that’s "General Pornography". But then again so was a Thomas Friedman column I tried to read…

  2. "The mesmerizing Audi-Oh is the very first vibrator that vibrates to the throbbing beat of music, sexy talk, or any external sounds. It’s a pearl-shaped clitoral vibrator with a soft silicone butterfly and has a thin elastic harness that allows you to strap it in place. The Audi-Oh will then vibrate to music coming from your stereo or directly from your iPod, other MP3 player or portable music device while you listen through your headphones."

  3. Aha. That would explain the site being blocked, then. Do you have to plug it into your iPod? Wouldn’t this attract funny looks on the tube?

  4. So why is the woman in the picture wearing the thing on the outside of her thigh? Have I been looking for the G-spot in the wrong place all these years?

  5. Backword Dave – yes, since it’s a clitoral vibrator ;) But yes, that disturbed me, too.

    That could only be more fabulous if it were glittery. Damn impoverished studenthood.

  6. No doubt the manufacturers will be thrilled to receive a product endorsement from ‘One of the UK’s most prominent sexual soloists’

  7. Tim – I can feel a rather nasty joke about certian SBBS Commenters coming on. I’d post it if this was my blog.

  8. Tim, don’t blame John, blame Duracell ;)

    N.I.B. — you’re not referring to the one Eric already tried to make? (I didn’t realise that vibrator use was reserved for "sexual soloists")

  9. Oh what the hell:

    Several? Just how many clitori are you trying to take care of these days John?

    "Well have you seen the number of cunts round here lately?"

  10. No, sorry NIB, that doesn’t work. You can’t possibly be suggesting that JohnB would actually be solicitous about his commenters, can you?

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