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The statistics prove it: more ignorant you are, the more likely you are to love the USA. No fucking wonder, when the non-ignorant read things like this (woo! yay! let’s make all the junkies die of AIDS, as well as the Africans…)

Unrelatedly, Samizdata has a very slightly funny joke about market failure, followed by a spectacularly funny comments thread of comprehension failure.

And at last, I’m going to have to join the right-wing activists in claiming that the Independent is untenably appalling and should never be given house room. Not for its political stance, though: any media organisation that redesigns its website in a way that breaks all external deep links deserves punishment.

Actually, I already thought the Indy was appalling. The only newspapers I can stomach are the Saturday Guardian (arts, magazine and Guide only) and the Sunday Times (magazine, style and culture only). But YKWIM, etc.

Finally, in a just world, Karl Rove would go to jail and George Bush would resign. "Vindictively, cruelly and unthinkingly exacting personal retribution on an intelligence officer who had committed no offense" is Not Cool. Unfortunately, I fear the bastards will get away with it: they’ve got away with everything else… (second article via James Wolcott)

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  1. Surely Verity is a parody? But how can anyone have the time to construct such an elaborate persona and comment on every Samizdata thread?

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