Lehrer moment

Right. I’m giving up satire:

OK, so it actually appeared in the Express, and it didn’t mention house prices. Even so, uncanny. Man. (via)

Today’s Daily Mail headline is slightly different, in that it consists of self-pitying outrage. It reminds me mostly of Brian’s mum’s speech at the end of Life of Brian: "So, there you are! I might have known it would end up like this. To think of all the love and affection I’ve wasted on you. Well, if that’s how you treat your poor old mother in the autumn years of her life, all I can say is, ‘Go ahead. Be crucified. See if I care’…".

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16 thoughts on “Lehrer moment

  1. I think they’ve spelt sponging wrong too, at least in my dictionary it has no e.

  2. I’m outraged. They forgot to mention the jail term for mugging.

    The Sun’s headline wasn’t too bad either. Only the Mirror let the side down with ‘Scally sentenced in court’ – that’s not exactly news, is it ?

  3. At what point does one cease to be an asylum seeker? C4 news said that one of the men’s parents were asylum seekers and came here when he was fourteen. He’s now 27; is he an asylum seeker? (I really don’t know; it’s not a rhetorical question.)

  4. Since he’s clearly been granted asylum, he can’t really be said to be "seeking" it – even assuming he was ever involved with the decision in the first place.

  5. How dare he be so ungrateful… after the fantastic reception asylum seekers get in the country!

  6. ”after the fantastic reception asylum seekers get in the country!”

    Is that compared to the reception they’d get if they were sent back to whatever shithole they left behind?

  7. I thought only two of them were on benefits. They were probably all "racist", sorry "disenfranchised" because of :

    1. Palestine ("Onward to Jerusalem" – George Galloway)
    2. Kosovo- Because America intervened illegally ahead of those fantastic Europeans who did not give a stuff. It was an illegal war because there was no UN resolution (supported by the Liberals in this instance)
    3. Iraq- Because America intervened illegally ahead of those fantastic Europeans who did not give a stuff. It was an illegal war because there was no UN resolution (not supported by the Liberals in this instance) and even though Sadam killed more Muslims than Blair or Bush and the insurgents have killed more than Blair and Bush.
    4. Western hypocrisy (see above)

    These are definitely the causes of violence. It is definitely not because:

    1. The Koran (a bloody book) was allegedly flushed down a toilet in Gitmo
    2. They could not get a girlfreind. So better go for the 80 virgins that Osama reckons is waiting for them.
    3. Western society is immoral with lots of intoxication and fornication (banned by Sharia Law).

    Oh wait the latter 1 and 2 are so from witness statements from the family and freinds of these muppets. 3 probably follows from 2.

  8. "So better go for the 80 virgins" or possibly the 76 raisins depending on the translation. Mind you, how desperate do you have to be to blow yourself up to get 76 raisins?

  9. Well spotted John, yes the Mail does seem to do self-pitying outrage particularly well. I’ve often been struck by the mum-at-the-end-of-her-tether tone of many a Mail headline, especially when they put the emphasis on a particular word, eg "Why italic does the BBC hate us?"

  10. Butbutbut… Surely asylum, social housing and state education aren’t the ‘benefits of British life’ – they’re the result of the rampant Socialism that has blighted this country since 1945…

  11. I’m kinda pissed off that the Express left off the magic word BOGUS – I’d have preferred BOMBERS ARE ALL SPONG(E)ING BOGUS CRIMINAL ASYLUM SEEKERS ON, LIKE, A MOST EXCELLENT JIHAD ON THE RATES INNIT

    page turn


  12. Wonderful post, John. Dso you know of any more apart from Assistant Brighton – I’m building a collection.

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