Excellent use of the Internet

Planning instant flashmobs to annoy officious security officials is a very good call indeed.

On the subject of ‘annoying officious idiots’, three cheers to mad antiwar tramp Brian Haw and the British judiciary. It’s just as well that Charles Clarke and his authoritarian cronies are as incompetent as they are evil. Rather like the terrorists, in fact…

Meanwhile, the Metropolitan police appear to be continuing their Death Wish-esque vigilante attacks, although at least this time it sounds like they may have found some terrorist affiliates to shoot at. Ian Blair really is the most appalling cunt, isn’t he? It takes an enormous dose of Utter Cuntness to – the week after you’ve shot an innocent man through a massive fuckup and refused to apologise – criticise another police force for successfully catching a terrorist without killing anybody.

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9 thoughts on “Excellent use of the Internet

  1. Yes he is. And criticising them when it appears he knows no more facts than you or I do.

  2. Hey guys – I think you are seriously going to piss off a few people if you start insisting that people have some understanding of the facts before gobbing off about everything. That’s a very unfair suggestion indeed and typical of you right-wing/left-wing bigots (delete as appropriate) and your fascist/liberal whinging. Sheesh! Next you’ll be suggesting that these things aren’t polar and there are subtleties and nuances about all this that defy the simplistic "You’re wrong, I’m right" rants that are available all over the place :-)

  3. It’s just as well that Charles Clarke and his authoritarian cronies are as incompetent as they are evil. Rather like the terrorists, in fact

    Charles Clarke is evil! He’s a nazi! Anybody I don’t agree with is a facist! How dare the people of Britain elect a government? I hope the terrorists win! I want to live under Sharia Law.

    Fuck off you sanctimonious cunt. You really are pathetic.

  4. Hah, that’s great. That’s the kind of blog comment that makes Harry’s Place so great.

    John DOESN’T say that Charles Clarke is a Nazi, or that he is evil, or that anyone who disagrees with him is a fascist, or that he wants to live under Sharia law. But you froth at the mouth as you condemn him for doing so. Top work!

    A couple of questions.

    [1] Do you seriously dispute that Charles Clarke does not express authoritarian political views? Even if you agree with them, or believe that they are justified, this does not make the policies he promotes not authoritarian.

    [2] How will the terrorists win and enact Sharia law? Even if we did nothing this would not happen. What the terrorists can do is kill people. The only people who can change the character of our society are us – and more specifically those of us in our society with a tremendous amount of power.

    [3] Isn’t it the duty of every person in a democracy to scrutinise the actions of their government? Democracy, in its ideal form, is government by the people through open debate, not the passive acceptance of what is enacted by our political class. So what the fuck is your problem?

  5. Be the way, regarding Ian "are they related" Blair:

    The papers have him saying that the 21/7 bombers could have killed many more people than 7/7. Did he really say that and if so, who was he talking to? Certainly nobody who has ever travelled on the Hammersmith & City line to Shepherd’s Bush at midday. None of the other bombs were in places where they were likely to kill more than two men and a dog either. I’m getting the impression that the target audience for his press conferences is the same Middle England audience as the Mail – people who value being frightened by authority figures more than they’re interested in knowing things.

  6. He probably said that because even he knew he couldn’t sustain a "the 21/7 bombers could have done a lot more damage to house prices than the 7/7 ones" which his audience would have really lapped up. Then again one was deep underground on 7/7, so perhaps I’ll have to do a little more research…

  7. That’s great news about the anti-war protestor Brian Haw winning the right to stay where he is in Parliament Square. I always enjoy spitting on him as I stroll by.

  8. I always enjoy spitting on him as I stroll by.

    Then I’m glad you’re 200-odd miles south of me, since public spitting comes just under roadkill with splattered entrails in the list of truly disgusting things I really don’t wanna see.

  9. Pete_London, the pitiful thing is I would wage money that you do not spit on him as you walk by. You simply fantasise about spiiting on someone. You utter cunt.

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