You wha?

How can it be classed as racist to hate Scousers? They’re not a fucking race, even under the most clownish definition of ‘race’ you can possibly imagine.

(by all means feel free to make cheap-but-accurate shots in the comments around the theme "it should be classed as compulsory"…)

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10 thoughts on “You wha?

  1. You filthy Scousist. How could you gloss over the historic plight of the people of the Mersey with such vitriol?

  2. As an honorary Scouser I am torn about this – this incident is clearly bollocks and I agree with you. But the Scouse stereotype pisses me off royally :(.

  3. The Scousers I knew at university in the 1980s used to play up to the image.

    "We’re the most deprived city, we’ve got the highest unemployment in Europe, the government hate us, y’know but really they’re just jealous of our indomitable spirit and sense of humour, etc, etc……"

    It was worse than listening to Londoners shouting "Loadsamoney".

  4. I’m sorry, getting all serious here. But discriminating against someone becuase they come from, say Liverpool, is as bad as discriminating against someone because they come from, say the Indian subcontinent. While Scoucers aren’t a race, that "Liverpool Olympics" crap that does the rounds every now and then is just as bad as a sheet of Paki jokes.

    Technically it’s not actually racisim, so on a semantic point you are entirely correct. On a moral point you havn’t a leg to stand on.

  5. I’m sure if we were certain there was any hatred of Scousers going on, Nutter Watch would be correct on more than just a hypothetical level.

  6. wankers scousers r the hardest in england we set a style n every1 follows we are so beautiful n sophisticated the rest of the world have nothink else 2 do but rip us apart there is only 1 explanation ur all jealous wankers so go fuk yourselves

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