Things to look forward to

"Personally, I’ve got very bored with sex. But then I’m in my mid 30s" – David T at Harry’s Place.

Me, I’m hoping to stay on the Indecent Left until I’m too old to move…

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5 thoughts on “Things to look forward to

  1. For some reason, links to HP from SBBS always result in 403 errors even though there doesn’t seem to be much wrong with the URLS. I wonder why that is…

  2. No, it’s because of the number of hyphens in the URL. Hyphens are popular with the fake-viagra-by-mail community, so most popular spam blockers have a prejudice against referrers with lots of ’em.

    It used to be the case that you couldn’t talk about "soc***ism" on SBBS because the middle six letters are a brand of penis pills …

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