Sharpening my pointy hat

I’ve got a new article on the Sharpener, about the Metropolitan Police’s bizarre African witchcraft report and the non-groovy cultural stereotypes it raises.

Go there, read, argue, tell me I’m an idiot, etc. (NB if you wish to tell me to fuck myself or call me a bigoted wanker, please do so here: the Sharpener is read by the occasional civilised type with delicate sensibilities…)

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3 thoughts on “Sharpening my pointy hat

  1. A pretty good article & I can see a parallel between this latest emerging moral panic & the cases of so-called ‘Satanic Abuse’ that ruined the lives of so many people in the Orkneys & other areas.

    Dodgy ‘evidence’, concerned social workers, police forces driven by the ‘something must be done’ impulse. Yep, looks pretty similar to me, except that in this latest case and the ‘Adam Torso’ case there does seem to be a small smidgen of evidence that something is going on in some of these communities.

    No reason to assume that it goes on in all of them, or course……

  2. Go and fuck yourself you bigoted wanker. Quite a good article though, but not enough burning in it. I thought that bigoted wankers in pointy hats are usually up for any excuse to burn some blacks.

  3. You’re an idiot!

    Curiously, I didn’t need to read a damn thing to tell you that!

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