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I designed this for altogether different purposes, but it occurs to me that it’s a good web quiz. Email the answers to here; don’t post them in the comments section or I’ll kill yer. The winner wins something, possibly a copy of Babylon Zoo’s second album. Questions below the fold.

Q1) With what water-resistant implement was Bulgarian dissident Georgi Markov murdered in London in 1978?

Q2) Why would a team made up of either James Joyce and Franz Kafka; Samuel Beckett and Milan Kundera; or Oscar Wilde and Vaclav Havel, be likely to win any literary beer-drinking contest?

Q3) Which Orangeman stood in Erewash at the last general election, on a manifesto of defending the Union?

Q4) What, according to Frankie, A) should and B) shouldn’t you do when you want to come?

Q5) According to Douglas Adams, what do you get if you multiply six by nine?

Q6) In which country can you buy a whaleburger for £1.92?

Q7) Which English king allegedly died of rectal red-hot-poker insertion?

Q8) According to Esquire Magazine, which tattoed, self-harming gay icon is the Sexiest Woman Alive?

Q9) Name the English-born Sick Boy and Hacker who was briefly married to the anwer for Q8.

Q10) According to a recent poll, how many British adults believe in vampires? (to +/- 50%)

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