Great predictions of our time

"In the face of a danger that the left, the Church of England, much of the establishment, the press and the French denied really existed, a lone voice told the truth unashamedly again and again until events forced the rest of the nation to listen. This brave politician faced public obloquy and collapsing political popularity, until he was proved right, when he became the most popular prime minister in recent memory". – Andrew Roberts in 2003.

Wonder what he’d say now? One of a) "yes, you’re right; I was a twat and we shouldn’t have invaded" or b) "Err, Ba’athist terror, mass graves, babies in incubators, lying Lancet lefties, err, everything thought he was a threat, err, 9/11, Madrid, beacon of democracy, eight million voters, purple fingers, err, schools and hospitals, err, not as many as before we invaded but that’s the terrorists’ fault, err, better quality of life, except that it isn’t… oh fuck it, I just feel manly when we bomb people", I reckon.

(quote via Jamie)

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