Brought to account

The Supreme Court has struck down Arthur Andersen’s conviction for witchcraft. Morgan Stanley now plans to appeal its witchcraft conviction.

"Witchcraft conviction", you say? Pretty much. "Not co-operating with politically-motivated prosecutors" is the kind of ‘crime’ for which people were destroyed in the USSR, not the kind of crime that should destroy people’s livelihoods in the West today.

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2 thoughts on “Brought to account

  1. Could you elaborate on this? I agree that the ruling seems to be correct: the jury was instructed wrongly in the original trial. However, to me it seems that shredding documents after you know that a major company is about to go down, partly because of highly dodgy accounting practises, is, well, probably not legal. Certainly not right.

    So I’m not sure I see why you say "witchcraft conviction". They weren’t being accused of witchcraft were they; they were accused of illegal accountacy practises? Or have I got this wrong?

  2. Christ. American shareholders are, as we speak, loading their semi-automatic rifle and flicking through the Bible for the bit where it says: "Ye verily, the Lord did smite down those who indulged in cooking the books."

    God I love plagirism

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