Another, smaller knife

I leave you with some quality bitching from Anthony Cox: "If you get stabbed in a knife fight, you could try out the homeopathic hospital. Using the homeopathic principle of ‘like cures like’ they’ll probably stab you with with another smaller knife – or more likely a knife that isn’t really there at all."

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3 thoughts on “Another, smaller knife

  1. That’d be a slightly better argument if anyone anywhere was suggesting that homeopathy is a sensible way of dealing with knife wounds.

    I don’t have an opinion one way or another on the subject by the way, and haven’t anything like enough information about it to make an informed comment; but so far as I’m aware homeopaths don’t claim their technique is a panacea.

    Tell you what; let’s close down all the cancer treatment units… after all, if you get stabbed in a knife fight, you could try out the cancer clinic… they’ll probably shoot you up full of radioactive chemicals!

  2. It’s not a particularly good argument, but it is good vicious sarcasm, which I like, because I’m not very nice.

  3. Jim, In my defence I was writing a bit of polemic, not a serious paper on homeopathy, and this was in the BBC report:

    "They stressed that homeopathic treatments were an alternative to expensive drugs, GP visits and emergency hospital admissions. "

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