And I said to you, ‘with illustration of means?’

Via Tim, a new silly meme. Pick a song of which you’re a big fan, translate it into German using Babelfish, translate the translation into French, then translate the French back into English. Then see if anyone can guess what the hell your song was…

"It said that it satisfied figment of the speech. And I said to you, ‘with illustration of means?’ And she said, ‘No, figment’, because she could never present herself to arrive to him, however him. When we meet initially, I have play the boy timid and like it me for the first time it have speak, my nose the have start, purge.

"Have estimate the remainder the following day be go we on a voyage of bus to vat and as nobody be come gather well our tariff, have know me that then, this special something can not think me with it, himself stop be and each time if I have put the radio in circuit, somebody be there different to which a song sing more some the both of we him be. It was as its on a fast voyage to precisely funfair the kind that you would like to receive far, because it is furchtsam and that then, at once that you are far from you, the right back top to receive to still want.

"But our love is strange and owes with that equalizes you to me crunchy takes to accept, it started to expire with Mr Potato Head IT was, when me that it acted at house with the parking space with its layer of it the shoulders to which I was carried out, and to which saw together of both of them, thought, until the water of cold bath around me.

"I go think of it in eyes and the curve of its chest confronted and on the point, in whom his bodies met me, on it. I said ‘that I am the single person unleserlichste in the city.’ And she said, ‘Yeah which is, why I can never include/understand these stupid letters which send me to you.’ And then, a day arrive it that it have cut their hair and that I me be stop to like it it."


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19 thoughts on “And I said to you, ‘with illustration of means?’

  1. did you equip once thus, finely, Gammler, did not throw those Groschen in your higher perfection you? People named you, say to you "install, headstock, are jumped to you, to fall." on you, it thought that all they were which you are kidding

  2. The Beatles – Every Little Thing (First verse and chorus):

    "If I go beside him, of the people declare me, myself, myself know are happy that I am a happy individual. I remember time the first, me am not solitairement without it, can above, it to think of stopping to me now. Each small thing which they, they, corner for me, yeah and you know the things make him, him for me, yeah each small thing them, them make for me, yeah and you know the things him, make him for me, yeah"

  3. Oh, I didn’t really do correctly properly before, so here’s one without the title:

    The flag of marking of the people is red deeper, our martyred wrapped died, and ECU its members was often rigid and cold, the blood of its hearts coloured its each time. If you raise Scarletstandardhoehe thus, under its times that we live and to die, although of Feiglinge zurueckschrecken and Traitors spotten, we hold that here flag of marking flies red.

  4. Good one, Chris Baldwin (other chris, I’m totally lost…)

    Relatedly, "If you are in top, all the victims do not adhere to oppression for tyrants fear your capacity, with your possession for you are thus had strongly with nothing, if you do not leave rights ignorance rassistische for types of respect are finished to have which is only one case of kingdom freedom the privilege which unless to enjoy by one and all one prolongs"

  5. It’s a Billy Bragg song – I recognise the ‘figment’ and ‘Mr Potato Head’. I’m thinking – is it The Milkman of Human Kindness.

    Mr Bragg is overdue a play, I think!

  6. This should be guessable (just the opening):

    There is a group of birds in the sky, and united deers went just close functioning. From the gemahlenen and brown bright sun on the rich shine: just different Sunday mornings in my calm mountain city.

  7. Gert – very close.
    Larry – similarly, "close their fucking face Onkelbumser which is you a cock which sucks the ass which licks of Onkelbumser, you Onkelbumser is, its Juste does not completely close with anybody uncles bumst like you their fucking the Onkelbumser face you that that your uncle bumste, do not eat Onkelbumser you them lawns or to sleep or mow, you Bumsen right your uncle the whole day is"

  8. "Close their fucking face Onkelbumser" is hilarious! Here’s another: "YOU. You speed. You speed me. YOU. You speed. You speed me. YOU. You speed. You speed me. You speed me. You speed me asked. You speed me asked. You speed me asked, and me did not say anything."

  9. You’ll never get this one:

    The cubes tears of crowd of old child me they on white hair werf in the cubes of cubic air chains wet and to wish me that I murmur one had.

    I might have cheated a bit though…

  10. Billy Bragg, ‘Walk Away Renee’. The translation actually still makes quite a lot of sense if you know the lyrics. Besides, it isn’t surprising that puns like ‘the most illegible bachelor in town’ don’t translate well, so I think you picked a tough song.
    How did you resist the temptation of using Bragg’s ‘A Lover Sings’, with its opening line about a ‘love that lost a lot in the translation’?

  11. A god to store our nice queen, to live a long time our splendid queen, god except the queen send their victorious, fortunately and prachtvoll, a long time, on us to more govern a god except the queen.

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  16. "The Jesus however did not die for somebody sins, not well. Pot melting robbers, wild chart my Thick case my sin, stony heart my itself. They belong to me, me. People say that "you pay attention", I am not interested however. The words are right directives and regulations relating to me, me. I suit you to a sector, know that I look at so proudly. I move here the atmosphere in those, in which all granted."

    "People say that "you pay attention", I am not interested however" is wonderful. I think I am in love with this game. Must see if I can get that to fit the original tune…

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