A Letter To The Right Wing

Dear The Right Wing,

Please can you make your mind up on whether France is a dhimmified nation, destroyed by excessive immigration and multiculturalism and shortly to be ruled by throat-slitting mullahs, or whether it’s a sterling example to Brits of how to avoid That Sort Of Thing?

Alternatively, you could stop whining about how The Sky Is Falling In every time you see a brown face or hear a strange language.

Fuck it, I’m a realist. Just sort the first one out, OK?

Kind regards,

John B

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4 thoughts on “A Letter To The Right Wing

  1. Dear The Left Wing,

    I have never thought nor claimed either of those propositions; I am on record as saying many times that Govanhill, the centre of Glasgow’s Asian community, would be a far nicer place to live if all the fucking white Glaswegians moved out; and my favourite language is Czech.

    Love & kisses,

    A Bit Of The Right Wing

  2. Dear The Left Wing,

    Please stop over-generalising about people and their beliefs. We’re all different. You cunts.


    The Right Wing.

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