Unsurprising news

As well as making you boring, sobriety makes you poor ("nearly 50% of upper-middle class and upper-class adults are frequent drinkers, compared to 30% of the rest of the population").

Via (danger, high swiveleyedloonery)

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3 thoughts on “Unsurprising news

  1. I’m not sure I agee with using the word "sobriety" to mean "non-alcohol-consuming", (speaking as someone who is currently wellied off my wellies on magic mushrooms).

  2. On the contrary, I’d be surprised if the same were not true for shroomers. I was merely extrapolating general sobriety-related conclusions from the available data…

    Also, why the hell are you posting on SBBS if you’re wellied off your wellies on magic mushrooms? Go outside and play with the clouds.

  3. Well, I still think work is the curse of the drinking classes.

    Posting on SBBS, playing with the clouds, is there a difference?

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