Surefire Tory winning strategy

"[The Tories] need to use the words "left", "leftists", "Gramscians", "Trotskyites", "Marxists", "Fascists" in reference to the Za-Nu Labour Party constantly. Constantly. Constantly." – commenter Verity at Samizdata

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8 thoughts on “Surefire Tory winning strategy

  1. So that’s what happened to Student Grant and his pals from Viz! They’ve gone and formed the Wadical Wight!

    "Those leftists are barbawic Tarquin!"
    "I know, they’re barbawic FACISTS Gwant!"
    "Yes, they’re worse than STALIN!"

  2. "Hitler, Stalin, Mao & Co, were all on the far left. ‘Left’ is a disgusting word that should not be spoken in front of small children." — Verity

    I prefer this little nugget of wisdom myself. Her (poor) children must be terrible at giving directions!

  3. They’ll probably grow up learning all about ‘The Left’ from secret underground publications… Now what are those called again? Sam-something?

  4. I prefer "Christian Fascist" for the Tonistas, but then I do distinguish "fascist" from "Nazi". Mind you, Verity is undeniably right: the Nazis and Fascists were of the left, not of the right. The fact that they were heretical lefties and went down in flames – literally, hurray – doesn’t alter that, unless you approve of the orthodox left re-writing history. But then many of you probably do.

  5. Me I prefer the unorthodox left re-writing history. But I grew up with "Our Island Story" so AJP Taylor was a breath of fresh air. Asa Briggs I thought of as the orthodox left,and he was a bit of a bore. Oddly, under MacMillan, these were not treasonous attitudes. How times change, eh?

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