Dinosaur bones

As usual, Fafnir has a good point. Or alternatively,

I don’t want to start any blasphemous rumours,

But I think that God’s got a lame sense of humour,

And if he saw Two Pints of Lager And a Packet of Crisps,

I’d expect to find him laughing.

While on that subject, I recommend that anyone with a Europe vs America intellectual superiority complex watches at least five minutes of Two Pints of Lager And a Packet of Crisps. This will provide unequivocal evidence that they are hopelessly, tragically wrong. Genuinely the worst comedy ever made, anywhere.

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7 thoughts on “Dinosaur bones

  1. TPLAPC was truly, truly dreaful. However, could one not still maintain a superiority complex by maintaining that more Americans would find it funny than Europeans?

  2. I should point you towards the original joke: Arizona Bay. The CD also contains hilarious and spookily prescient Iraq jokes…

  3. What was that sit-com about a single mother called? I can’t remember, but it was crap.

    Brighton Belles was probably the worst ever. Why does Carla Lane insist on describing herself as a writer of comedy, rather than gloomy undramatic drama? When even the thoroughly warmed-up studio audience don’t laugh more than twice an episode, you know something’s gone wrong.

  4. just because there’s a terrible british comedy doesn’t mean american comedies are better – there are some truly awful american sitcoms that won’t ever make it over here, just as presumably, american audiences won’t have to endure the whiny idiots from 2 pints.

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