Advice for today

If you’re going to vote for a major party, vote Lib Dem. Michael Howard is a vile demagogue, and the Labour Party don’t belive in the rule of law. No matter how objectionable you find the Lib Dems, voting for them is the only non-morally-disgusting major party vote (and if you support a non-major party, a Lib Dem vote is the only way you stand the slightest chance of getting a fairer electoral system and allowing them into the system).

Otherwise, it doesn’t really matter, does it? Nobody’s going to take spoiled ballot papers seriously, and nobody’s going to take votes for the assorted Silly Parties seriously until we do have PR. So, whatever. Vote for Tarquin Buckethead, stay at home, or write "Tony Blair is a knobber" on your ballot paper; it doesn’t make any difference.

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4 thoughts on “Advice for today

  1. Having decided that (a) Respect are probably on balance nuts, and (b) the liberal democrats don’t sererve my vote [for (b1) resorting to shoving a bloody baby in our faces in their pre-election broadcasts and (b2) putting more emphasis on, for example, free personal care for the elderly than climate change] I find myself really hoping Galloway beats Oona and the lib dems get loads of seats.

    Funny, that.

  2. Respect *are* nuts, and the Lib Dem’s *don’t* deserve your vote. Weirdly, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t vote for them.

    (similarly, Ian Huntley deserves to be sandpapered to death, but this doesn’t mean we should do it).

  3. Well my polling station is in the pub… Are any of them offering to cut beer duty, ‘cos I’ll vote for them if they do.

  4. Well, the Labour and Tory leaders are self-righteous, puritanical, conservative bastards, whilst the Lib Dem leader is a liberal known for liking the odd drink, so you can see the Lib Dems are the most likely of the three to cut beer duty, though I don’t think it’s a manifesto commitment…

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