Swivel-eyed loonery

There are mad people on the right. (Oklahoma bombing the work of homegrown fanatics? Nosiree, it’s gotta be those goddamned Ay-rabs…)

And there are mad people on the left. (Reichstag fire-ishly, Bush planned 9/11, or was it the Mossad…?)

The Internet is agreeably balanced, even if the people who publish articles on it aren’t.

Update: according to his own supporters, Bush is covering up the dodgy furriners’ involvement in the Oklahoma bombing because he’s worried that, if he admits McVeigh was wrongly executed, he won’t be able to wrongly execute people in future. That’s *according to his own supporters*.

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6 thoughts on “Swivel-eyed loonery

  1. To compare the evidence of MidEast involvement in OKC to Bush involvement in 911 is absurd. As author of the link to which you refer, I take exception to your point. I am one of the most skeptical people around and thought the story was ludicrous myself until I spent time reading the evidence. I suggest you do the same before you make a judgement. If all of the experts – or the evidence itself – still don’t convince you that there were more perpetrators than McVeigh and Nichols, that’s your choice.

    But don’t make a judgement until you have reviewed the case more thoroughly – it’s academically dishonest.

  2. Well like a fool I went to Bizblogger’s page. And among the encomiums (?) for a book by an Oklahoma journalist, was this little shiner :-

    "James Woolsey, former CIA Director: "When the full stories of these two incidents (1993 WTC Center bombing and 1995 Oklahoma City bombing) are finally told, those who permitted the investigations to stop short will owe big explanations to these two brave women (Middle East expert Laurie Mylroie and journalist Jayna Davis). And the nation will owe them a debt of gratitude." "

    To repeat – "Middle East expert Laurie Mylroie ".

    I offer this not as an argument against Mr Bizblogger’s position, just as an indicator of placement.

  3. There are several members of Congress, CIA and FBI who also believe that there was a Middle Eastern connection. No one believes that McVeigh and Nichols are innocent. They just say that the Reno Justice Department needed a clean case to prosecute, so they never followed any of the Middle Eastern leads, despite the evidence.

    It’s actually quite compelling.

  4. There are several members of Congress who believe the Social Security plan is a good idea. This doesn’t sell me on it.

    Look, if there were the slightest thread of evidence connecting Iraq with terrorism against the USA, do you seriously think GWB wouldn’t have hit on it? I know Fox has made a great many Bush supporters believe this *without* evidence, but it’s the sort of thing that wouldn’t have hurt him in a close election campaign…

  5. Both these plots were real. The alliance between American Militias and Islamic Fundamentalists is natural and far-reaching, and the Islamists behind the 9/11 plot are connected to Bush through the Christian Right. Osama bin Laden and George W. Bush are on the same side. That’s why bin Laden is free, that’s why Bush is President. The GOP and Al Quaeda are part of the same network of terror, stretching from the USA to Saudi Arabia to China and Korea, feeding each other and obliterating millions of lives in their twisted charade. A conservative is a conservative is a conservative, and whether that conservative is George W. Bush or Osama bin Laden (or both – nobody has ever seen these two in the same room at the same time) the only way we will be free is when they are dead.

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