Odd rant of the day

Shorter Helen at EU Referendum: "the Cold War was won by Mrs T, Ronnie and the Pope. Europeans think that Americans are bug-eyed fanatics for disapproving of murder. Francis Arinze would be a good replacement Pope because he hates Islam almost as much as JPII hated Stalinism. But actually, a European Pope would be better because Europeans are godless heathens who need saving."

No further comment.

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3 thoughts on “Odd rant of the day

  1. Aaargh! Why, why, why do you link to this sort of shit, John?

    I was, however, chuffed to note that neither the author, nor the presumably conservative commentors knew that the source for the supposedly apocryphal story about Stalin was one Winston S Churchill, in The Gathering Storm, Chapter 8. I don’t know what she means by many of his colleagues were making various deals

  2. Don’t know about mission statements, but she certainly does stream of consciousness. Or should that be unconsciousness?

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