Fuck Galloway and fuck Respect

George Galloway is "attacking [Oona] King for her "soft" views on cannabis and calling for a "much tougher" war [on drugs]". (Mr Hari)

This inherently makes him a wanker; it also makes anyone non-authoritarian who would support him a wanker. As well as criminalising non-harmful citizens, drug prohibition is the main driver behind violent property crime (robbery and burglary). Meanwhile, anyone who wants harmful drugs can easily get them, so even bullshit ‘protecting people from themselves’ justifications don’t apply.

The two sane solutions to society’s drug problems are decriminalisation or effective enforcement of prohibition – the latter of which would require brutal totalitarianism. I’m not going to make a stab at guessing whether Mr Galloway is a brutal totalitarian, or merely insane.

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4 thoughts on “Fuck Galloway and fuck Respect

  1. King of the tosspots as you say. I don’t think Galloway has any real interest in drugs; he’s just playing to the conservative religious voters in Bethnal Green because I certainly don’t remember him having much to say during the heroin explosion in Glasgow in the 1980s (I’ve had the misfortune to have Galloway as my MP for most of my adult life) You’ll have read his remarks to Johann Hari when he asked him about Aziz – what a dick (Galloway, that is).

  2. I’m trying to remember what the SWP’s line on drugs has been over the years and I have a vague recollection that they’ve often been quite authoritarian on the whole thing too but on the grounds that they stop the workers from understanding their true place at the foot of capitalist oppression, or somesuch.

  3. It’s looking virtually certain that I’ll be voting for the Legalise Cannabis Alliance on May 5th, as it’s the only one left after I’ve eliminated the other contenders on the grounds of being generally loathsome on one level or another.

    Which suits me fine – it’s not as if anyone other than the Tories is going to win anyway, so I might as well enjoy myself.

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