World’s end update

Q: Why does the world hate America? A: I simply can’t imagine.

Texas congressman Sam Johnson’s comments (broadly, "we should nuke Syria out of existence") are worse than anything that anyone of any importance on the left – politicians and pundits alike – has said since 9/11. Worse in the sense of more offensive, and worse in the sense of making people outside America keener on destroying America.

Hell, if I thought Americans in general were like Sam Johnson, then I’d be keen to destroy America (as it is, I’m merely keen to destroy Texas).

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2 thoughts on “World’s end update

  1. But the point is, he’s just a lowly Congressman from some backwater southern state nobody’s ever heard of. If it were a professor of Ethnic Studies saying this, then maybe this would make the major newspapers.

  2. Of course, if there are WMD there, Israel will be so grateful for great clouds of radioactive anthrax blowing across their borders. If there aren’t any WMD, it’s only fallout.

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