2 thoughts on “Whatever you want to say about Jim Callaghan…

  1. I’ve been reading your blog for a while now now….and getting into your vibe.

    Sunny Jim was, in retrospect,a flawed politician and a warm, socially minded man.He was brave and honest, a pragmaitist and a man who voters believed in.

    My feeling about him is that we should recognise that the country he looked after until 1979 was a different place from today. His premiership was characterised by the last politician to serve as a member of the active armed forces in WW11.

    His replacement changed the country for ever. Whether this is "a good thing" must be for others to decide. For my own part, I have to admit I despise the lady and look back fondly on "there was I, waiting at the church"

    Hesletine on the radio today talking about he revolutionised the country during the 80’s had me feeling very sad.

    A great loss to us i believe. John Peel, Hunter S Thompson and Ray Charles too. We need to keep the faith !

    I like your page very much. Good luck to Jim and Audrey huh ?


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