5 thoughts on “Well worth it

  1. Martin got £125,000, which goes to show crime does pay, and the more serious the crime the more it pays.

    Somewhat related, the Tories appear to have gone quiet on their ‘not grossly disproportionate force’ Tony-Martin Law. Do you think sense has prevailed?

  2. Actually, not every swivel eyed loon…I didn’t see the EU referendum blog mentioned. Though I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before they find an EUvil angle on it.

  3. Down with bullies.

    Why is it when the bully suffers you care but when the victim suffers you dont. Why what kind of derrnaged morality is that.Youre not liberal you just support abuse.

    Here is my impersonation of your logic
    Why dont we give money to child abusers wife beaters rapists and that will show all us swivel eyed victims who are really insane for being upset at being bullied and never getting justice. Better still why don’t we give money to israeli soldiers who shoot dead Palestian children, so they can tell their side of the story and laugh and goad their victims after all all that will be hillarious to watch the "swivel eyed" Palestinian victims getting upset and tramustied and killing themslves due to the injustice. Yes bring back fucked reverse logic morality blame the victim brick wall psychos, sadistic fuickers with manipaultive crappy evil loigic, let them sneer and trmautise their victims more and more into mental illness, traamtise and pulverise the vicitim and then say well the victims had a nervous breakdown so it serves them right. And then call the victim hate filled anda ranter, but then when they abuser suffers get really upset and Yes get back at the victim

    Now for my real view.
    Down with shitheads who want to punish the victim.
    Maybe if you ever suffer a form of abuse we’ll all rember how you feel about victims.
    This is a copy of an e-mail i sent on the subject of two evil snobby bullying evil elitist snide thugs Tom Pualin and Andrew O’Hagan. Why does your paper employ and listen to snide bullying thugs like Tom Paulin and Andrew O’Hagan. They are bullying thugs the sort who would join the NAZIs in the thirties. They are snobby elitist bullying thugs. Both are literally psychopaths and have commented on wanting the deaths of people they don’t like for no reason. Paulin wants Jews in Israel murdered, he also hates shy qiet men who live on their own. I think i will be like that when i grow up, so fuck off to Pualin. . . While O’Hagan wants all shy men who live on their own to kill themselves because the snobby evil thug O’Hagan thinks if he hates people then they should surely carry out the punishment on themselves, as punishment for O’hagans psychotic mindset. O’Hagan and Paulin are psychotic evil elitist snobby scum. Dont give me any immoral indignation crap of some psychotic thug getting angry that i would be upset about some evil thug wanting people like me to die. I know some scum bags are so psychopthaic that they don’t even think it right for me to get angry when i hear of scum who want people like me to die.
    Up with http://www.netwebresearch.com/servicesview
    Down with evil bullying thugs who htink their the voice of common sense. Down with thugs.
    Defensive comments.
    I am not on thos board for advice or to be inslulted by some evil snide snobby abusive scum bag i am hear to give an opinion. It is not my fault that there are some shitheads so derrnaged that when they hear anti abuse view they get angry and start spouiting out crap. And don’t tell me some crap that my words are a rant, or boring, or insane.
    The fact is my views are profound and if you disagree with me your a dangerous evil shitherad who toloarates and supports abuse, you htink people like me should be emotional punch bags for evil scum. All abusers htink their victims are trvial scum so it no wonder you htink it is disagraceful of me to have the cheek to complain about abuse and bullying.
    Tom Paulin is scum.

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