The best of elsewhere

The Yorkshir Ranter gives good rant: "By night he schemes to crash jets flaming into the silvery towers of Canary Wharf, to scatter a silent dust of anthrax spores in the corridors of Parliament itself, to riddle the glowing high-end retail spaces of Heathrow Airport with machine gun strikemarks and spilt blood, yes, even to consume all London in the momentary sun of a nuclear explosion. But by day, he is an absolute pussycat, as dangerous as a potato and as remarkable as a commuter, free and weird on the streets!".

Meanwhile, Brian Micklethwait (who I increasingly believe is far too sane to write for Samizdata) has some interesting musings on Christianity and pain. His thesis, crudely, is that Christianity is suited to societies where physical pain is prevalent and intense, and the advent of effective pain medication is a major factor in its current and future decline. The theocratic junta running the US provide supporting evidence for this theory, since it explains their willingness to lock up doctors who prescribe pain relief. Hopefully the drugs will win out in the end.

And the best bloggeekish one-liner I’ve heard recently is an aside from Tim Lambert: "(‘Fisking’ is a term bloggers use for especially lame posts)". Also through Tim, something I’ve wondered about for a while: is Wizbang a parody? Surely to God it must be…

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