Taste and decency

We strongly believe in taste and decency – although as Harry says, it’s not the sick jokes that are the real sick jokes. Woah, that’s gnomic.

Meanwhile, public fatwa time: any journalist lazy enough to interview ultra-right-wing rentaquote merchant Norman Brennan should be kneecapped, and his Victims of Crime Trust should be forced either to sack him or to lose its charitable status.

Mr Brennan is clearly using the charity’s position to promote his own dribblingfascistloon political views, which is allowed only if the political activities "enable the charity to fulfil its purpose, [and] are based on reasoned argument". They don’t, and they aren’t.

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3 thoughts on “Taste and decency

  1. I believe Norman Brennan is the Victims of Crime Trust, which would make it hard for that organisation to throw him out.

  2. For some misguided reason, I decided in the original post to do Mr Brennan the courtesy of pretending he was the head of a real charity, rather than the more honest ‘deluded maniac’.

    I’m obviously happy to retract this now I’ve been called on it.

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