6 thoughts on “Survey summarised

  1. Very good.

    The party line is, however:

    Vote Labour and Build a Fighting Secular Alternative (inside the Labour Party).

  2. Harry. Love you, mate and all that, but whose party? Blair isn’t secular, nor is Mandelson. Robin Cook is probably atheist. Tony Benn claims to be Christian, but weakly so. Ken Livingstone is a doubter, for sure. Get one of them in the top spot and I’ll come back. Anyone who prays with an executioner is a cunt in my book.

    Could the Sunday Express story be true? Tom Watson must be sweating bullets. Unemployment may beckon. Stupid, fat, ugly, white guy – only talent sucking cock. No takers? Poor dear may starve. I blame Thatcher. I see through Norm that a Labour MP criticized Livingstone. This would be the same Louise Ellman who, through her own hard work, secured a contract for the renewal of Liverpool Street Station (in her constituency) with her employers. Once we’d have called it sleaze. Now it’s synergy.

  3. If people always voted Labour in London mayoral elections than we would never have had ‘Red’ Ken.

    Instead we would have had a mayor with an appropriate beard for meeting Al-Quaradi.

  4. I’d have been happy with Dobson as mayor, though not that godawful woman Labour attempted to put up last year before seeing sense and welcoming Ken back into the fold.

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