Do you remember the Muslim-hating vitriol outpoured by right-wing commentators after Egyptian Christian Hossam Armanious and his family were murdered in New Jersey?

The police have now arrested and charged two people for this horrible crime – an Edward McDonald and a Hamilton Sanchez, who are accused of murdering Mr Armonious and family to steal his money. Apologies from the right-wing loons are, as one might have expected from previous experience, not forthcoming (with the occasional classy exception).

Relatedly, Third Avenue makes a good point by analogy with a very different set of extremists.

(Armanious article via MemeFirst, which seems to have a strange mix of LGFites and sane people among its contributors. Worse, one of them appears to find The Vicar of Dibley funny).

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6 thoughts on “Objectionable

  1. I remember getting into a debate with on of the loons you mentioned, arguing in the comments boxes over at Harry’s Place. Her website had item after item urging us to hate and fear muslims.

    No, she wasn’t Melanie Phillips.*

    Though I was talking to someone researching Bosnia, and asked him how it was possible to get to a situation where neighbour killed neighbour. The kind of propaganda he described was chillingly similar to that pumped out by Melanie Phillips and Mark Steyn, a propaganda that is not challenged or refuted by those with political power.

    200 al-Qeada terrorists in Britain. Kill the rag-heads*.

    *copyright Paul ‘stupid arsehole’ Ross.

  2. By the way, I think "dhimmified Jersey City police" is the most amusingly ludicrous phrase I have read all day. I hadn’t realized this "dhimmi" nonsense had gained any traction over here in America, but presumably the Jersey City police deserve special notice for failing to racially profile and then brutalize the 9/11 hijackers who lived there.

  3. Melanie Phillips has moved on from the ‘Dhimmi BBC’. It is now the Weimar Broadcasting Corporation.

    You know what? I think that is anti-semitic. I think that it trivialises the rise of the Nazis and I demand an apology, and that the Standards Board disbar her from any future political office she might seek.

  4. McDonald? Sanchez?

    Clearly, Jersey City’s police has institutionally chosen the path of deepfriedmarsbarritude and plantainnitude and honest, God-fearing Americans have to realize that they have no official allies in combating this new and terrifying Hispano-Celtic alliance that threatens our freedom.

    (note: I’m not trying to be flip about the murders – horrible, horrible things – just the reaction from certain sectors).

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