Lifelong ambition achieved

I’m top on Google for Norwegians nude girls. Should this fact interest any Norwegian girls to the point of wishing to become nude, my email address is on the right.

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6 thoughts on “Lifelong ambition achieved

  1. I have a feeling that we’ve started to watch the degeneration of this blog into the official home of the campaign for World Naked Chicks Day.

  2. Beware of your ambitions … it appears that your Google ranking is about to make you #1 in the blogosphere as a recipient of comments spam.

    Recent comments:

    "Boys masturbating" and "micro-mini-skirts" seem reasonably ontopic, but "Masters Tournament Golf"? These people are sick, I tell you.

  3. Nick: "degeneration"?

    D^2 – indeed. Weird comment spam as well, since it doesn’t actually link to anyone’s site (all the messages just say "thanks, it was very interesting", without any links in the text, and include email addresses with no commenter URL). Almost as if I were comment-spamming my own site to get higher Google rankings…

  4. Err, yeah, the original post makes no sense now. The joke was that at the time, searching for "oliver kamm" came up with porn because various porn sites had "oliver kamm gallery" in their meta tags.

    I think the latter is an art venue in New York, rather than a suggestion that the porn site in question actually featured an Oliver Kamm gallery.

  5. According to a Norweigan friend of mine, it is currently -38 where she is. Perhaps you’d be better waiting for the summer?

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