Grauniad awards

The forces of good need your vote in their battle against the forces of evil.

Go here, and vote for anyone but the sub-sixth-form-economics Adam Smith Institute. I went for right-wing lunatic Guido Fawkes, but Political Betting, Recess Monkey and Harry’s Place are all preferable to the Mises-ians.

Then go here and vote for Europhobia. Or failing that, anyone who isn’t Lib Dem Watch. There’s also a ‘best blogging politician’ section, but since Boris and Tom Watson aren’t there, you might as well skip it.

Finally, click here and send an angry email asking why the best blog in the whole wide world ever, Shot by both sides, wasn’t nominated.

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8 thoughts on “Grauniad awards

  1. I tactically voted for Political Betting since they were doing best, even though I secretly think their site is rather tedious. Anything to keep ASI out, not least because they would be such arses about it.

  2. Yes what a shock that Dead Men Left, a blog which has a phobia about attractive women who support democracy and which has for months been telling it’s readers that the American news agency Associated Press owns the Evening Standard wasn’t nominated.

  3. It was more of shock to discover a sickly gathering of former Stalinists, current Islamophobes and assorted dirty old men was considered to be the amongst the very sharpest points of the very cutting edge of British political blogging.

    ("For months"? This must be that Stalin school of falsification I keep hearing about. You’re very good at it.)

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