God is wise

A new study has found yet more evidence that young people who take virginity pledges are no less likely to get STDs than those who don’t take them. Relatedly, they are also more likely to have oral and anal sex than non-pledgers.

This isn’t so much of a problem. Not only are oral and anal sex fun (unlike abstinence, which is not), they are thorougly approved by God. Hooray for fundamentalism!

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9 thoughts on “God is wise

  1. "Not only are oral and anal sex fun.."

    The latter is not quite such fun, however, for those who indulge in it regularly because their chances of contracting HIV/Aids is hugely increased. Er, but don’t let me stop you!

  2. ’tis true, there’s actually an ‘AIDS Cupid’ who flies around the ether sniffing out the unmistakable smell of bumming, then shoots the dirty perverts with his little ‘AIDS arrow’. And a jolly good job too.

  3. "Relatedly, they are also more likely to have oral and anal sex than non-pledgers."

    Thus expect a huge increase in such pledges across Britain in the next few years, widely supported by Cuthbertson, the Daily Mail, David Blunkett*, Melanie Phillips and probably the "pro-war left", followed by a few years’ later much complaining abot how the "left" were responsible for the huge increase in oral and anal sex, and demands that the "decent left" admit they were wrong and support Jeb Bush’s Presidency.

    * Well it would have saved him a lot of legal fees.

  4. The thing that I always find totally incomprehensible is that we’re a country with a known, serious demographic deficit and pensions timebomb, and our major policy initiative to deal with it is to try to crack down on the only people who are having babies! In a sane political economy, teenage mothers would be given medals.

  5. Indeed the high UK teenage birth rate is actually the reason the UK replacement-rate (is that the right word) is 1.7 compared with 1.6 in the rest of Europe.

  6. David, I think you missed out the phrase ‘with loads of different people they don’t know’ somewhere in that comment?

  7. dsquared – …along with not frantically trying to bar thousands of young, active, often well-educated people from taking jobs here.

  8. As I understand it, HIV being an adaptable virus, there are strains that are better suited to transmission through anal sex and there are strains that are better suited to transmission through vaginal sex. The former are more successful and more prevalent, but, obviously, each has its niche in certain sections of the population.

    The point isn’t whether you have sex with lots of people you don’t know (well, obviously that’s a point, but it’s not the one David was making). The point is that, if you have anal sex with someone who has HIV, you are more likely to catch the virus from them than if you have vaginal sex with the same person. It is also true that a woman is more likely to catch HIV from a man than a man is from a woman.

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