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  1. Supercilious self-righteousness is no evidence of civilization either. I’m sick and tired of hearing people arrogantly assume they’re on the moral high ground when they oppose the death penalty. It’s the snob’s way of trying to prevent serious discussion.

  2. It’s the snob’s way of trying to prevent serious discussion.

    Feel free to initiate one.

    You may wish to take into account such things as i) the fallibility of all known judicial systems ii) whether it’s legitimate for any person to coldbloodedly take a life in any context iii) the empirical evidence for any deterrent effect of capital punishment.

    Alternatively, you may just wish to whine about liberal arrogance. Entirely your call.

  3. I had just come around to the idea of capital punishment when I read Hitchens argument against it: that it is the deliberate destruction of evidence. Ethically, I think both sides have good arguments, but, pragmatically, that one takes some beating.

  4. John: i) applies as a critique to the whole criminal justice system; ii) requires you to be a pacifist to some degree (most of us aren’t, but I guess the SBBS Assassination Policy meets the test); iii) the evidence is very mixed, but not non-existent – and for some hang-em-and-flog-em types (well, me, anyway), the goal is retribution, not deterrence.

  5. I agree re i – however, you can let an innocent person out of jail, which is a salient difference. Re ii, you don’t need to be a full-on pacifist: formulating things in self-defence terms works fine (an imprisoned murderer is not a significant) threat to society. Re iii, I agree the evidence is somewhat mixed, which is why I phrased it as ‘the empirical evidence’ rather than ‘the lack of’.

    Retribution is a more interesting one. I don’t really believe in it as a goal of the criminal justice system – IMO the gov’t ought to keep people as free possible, both from crime and from punishment where the latter isn’t required to prevent future crime. This is where I really part company from conservatives on the death penalty issue, and therefore generally avoid arguing about it (cos I think you’re wrong and weird, you think I’m wrong and weird, and nothing empirical is going to make a blind bit of difference to either of us…)

  6. Sounds about right to me John – very different conceptions of justice and how to achieve it, I think. You’re still wrong and weird, though, obviously.

    Re ii – I agree you don’t need to be a full-on pacifist, but you do have to draw the line pretty damned tightly. Which makes me wonder where it leaves all the liberal hawks (like Hitchens, for example)?

  7. John’s obviously right about all judicial systems being fallible. The question then becomes : Is it worse to run the risk of executing the wrong person, or to allow murderers to evade capital punishment? For me, 2 factors are important : a) How high do we set the criterion of proof? Clearly it must be high enough to minimize error, maybe with criminal accountability for those responsible for insufficiently founded verdicts , and b)
    How much is it going to cost to imprison and guard those who would otherwise have been humanely killed by lethal injection? Sounds a bit crass, I know, but when you consider how many lives such massive sums could theoretically save in ,say, Darfur, you realize that it is a questionable morality to keep a few guilty people alive at the expense of the lives of the many innocent.
    The second point that John raises is probably the central one. I have respect for pacifists, and for those like Gandhi and Martin Luther King who have thought the thing out and live it. Nevertheless, it is possible to be a person of integrity and idealism and still come to a different conclusion. There are times, I believe, when cold-blooded, premeditated homicide is not only legitimate but morally obligatory. Imagine a situation where a psychopath has taken a school class hostage and is systematically murdering the children ; a cool head and an accurate police bullet would surely be the lesser evil in such a case?
    On a completely different level, there is the argument that is based on the Bible : namely, that we are actually obliged(!) by God to administer retributive justice, which explicitly includes the duty of executing murderers. From this point of view, we have no right NOT to execute.
    As regards the empirical evidence, all that I’ve seen points unequivocally to a deterrent effect. Maybe it’s purely circumstantial, and the fall in the murder rate was due to other factors we have yet to identify, but until we do, I assume it’s down to the reintroduction of capital punishment.
    There are passionately – and honestly – held beliefs on both sides of this debate, but we degrade both ourselves and our point of view when we abandon reason in favour of self-flattering propaganda.

  8. "How much is it going to cost to imprison and guard those who would otherwise have been humanely killed by lethal injection?"

    It works out cheaper to keep them in prison until they die: mainly due, I believe, to the vast amount spent on legal arguments making sure they "deserve" the death penalty (you could phrase that another way I guess). There is an excellent book on this subject (who’s title I typically forget) written by a US lawyer who started out as being passionately pro-death penalty, and after researching the topic for a book sided against capital punishment, mainly for the pragmatic reasons John gives. The point about about cost comes from there.

    Ah, here it is: On Amazon

  9. An article I read in 1999, which was pretty much pro-death penalty, alluded to estimates of executions in the US costing an average of 5 to 10 times a 40-year prison sentence.

    Which is why it’s retribution that swings it (pardon the pun) for me.

  10. I remain a bit sceptical on the costing. I don’t think it’s fair to include the legal costs only as part of the execution alternative ; in principle, they should be equally high in both cases. After all, they belong to the expense of ascertaining guilt, which should be equally important regardless of system.
    Thanks for the information, though. I trust I stand correctable, even though the idea looks very counter-intuitive.

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