Worth worrying about

A march of German neo-Nazis is not a good thing to happen, although at least a large procession of protestors disrupted the fascists.

In a surprising detail, the anti-fascist protesters waved US, UK and Israeli flags. Gene at Harry’s Place appears, somewhat spuriously, to equate this with Iraq and the War on Terror.

It seem rather more likely that the protesters were celebrating the US/UK defeat of Naziism and carrying the Star of David flag to symbolise the Jews who suffered at the fascists’ hands… although hell, maybe they *were* all hardcore Blairites and Zionists.

Memo to the confused: the fascist march is a nasty example of antisemitism. A mayor abusing an extremist newspaper is not.

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7 thoughts on “Worth worrying about

  1. "…although hell, maybe they *were* all hardcore Blairites and Zionists.": I doubt all of them, but, weirdly, this description may apply to a few.

    The NPD are invariably met by a large anti-fascist response when they march, but they really are gaining ground in East Germany. With all major parties discredited, one way or the other, after the absolute balls-up of reunification, and with even the left-wing PDS (in a coalition government with the SPD) in Berlin singing from the same song-book, the NPD has been able to present itself as a credible alternative to large numbers of Germans. The party’s unpleasantness is hard to underestimate: whilst the BNP effects to avoid talking about their admiration of Hitler, the NPD has an explicit policy of "reclaiming" Germany’s Nazi past.

    Naturally, this disgusts most and has given impetus to building anti-fascist coalitions and organising against the Nazis. Where successful, this has meant breaking out of a far-left ghetto, since anti-fascist activity had previously often been dominated by aggressive and somewhat elitist street-fighting tendency.

    Yet something extremely peculiar has emerged from out of this millieu. The internet-based pro-war "left" over here has its own even nuttier, reality-based edition in German called the "Antinationalists": their political line is that since they hate Germany, they must love Israel and everything it does; and, since the US protects Israel, they must love the US, too. The warped logic can be followed in more detail over here. They are bitterly racist about Arabs, hate Muslims with a passion, and naturally supported the invasion of Iraq – all dressed up in "radical", Marxist-sounding rhetoric. They have attracted a certain amount of support, winning control (for example) of Frankfurt University’s students’ union for a brief period.

    They are, however, utterly mad, and – worse yet – extremely debilitating for anti-fascist work: the Guardian reports, for instance, that some amongst the anti-fascist demonstrators threw pink paper RAF planes at the Nazi demonstrators. Whilst you can discern the humorous intent, doing this in Dresden on the anniversary of the RAF bombings in apparent opposition to a group of people claiming to represent the RAF’s victims is hardly a move calculated to win support for your side.

  2. In a PT Barnum way, yes. The Berlin squats decorated with "Smash Germany-EU for Israel!" have to be seen to be beleived – like UKIP, the Antinationalists think the EU is German plot to dominate Europe.

  3. The daily telegrpah is full of NAZIs and how does using the term NAZI as an insult trivialise the holocaust
    I always use the term for the sort of snobby bullying thug who picked on me at school. Thye wanted me to kill myself so they were as bas the NAZIs. Thye have the same snobby values ans are i belive the sort who would be trying to get a job in the camps.
    Ken Livingstone is being unfairly picked on, he was unlucky that he used th term against a jewish perosn, and should make clear he should uses the term NAZI as an insult. The holcaust was evil. Ken Livingstone has done loads of racial harmony. If Germany had had politcians like Livingstone in the thrites maybe the holcaust would not have happneded. Ken use the term NAZI as an ainult to someone who he did not know was jewish. What is wrong with using the term NAZi as an insult.
    The reality is Mark Steyn and Gary Busdhell have both wriotten pro Oswald Mosely columsn far more clear in their anti -semiti sympathies.

  4. It is unfair the media are picking on Ken Livingstone. Considering the BNP have not been barred from office it is pretty derrbnaged to expel a non anti semitic politician just becuase he thinks it is correct to use the term NAZI as an insult. I allways use the term NAZI to deserbie bulies snobby thugs, who wanted to bully me to suicide.
    What is wrong with using term NAZI as an insult how does that trivialise the holocaust. The reality is that Mark Steyn and Gary Bushell have given supportive columns to Oswald Mosely in the last few years and were not given any sort of treatment yet someone who makes a very useful term is treated like scum. The telgraph should get rid of anti semties before ptensting that those of us who use the term NAZI as an insult are insulting holocaust victims.

  5. Meaders you don’t have a clue about the ‘anti-deutsche’ movement do you?

    At least try and read up on them before you start pretending to be an expert.

    It just freaks you out that there are communists who aren’t anti-zionist doesn’t it?

    They are fantastic.

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