6 thoughts on “Superkoranic fellatio power

  1. Jesus Christ, John. You must be serious about trolling the net looking for people to attack over the wacky ‘reasonable force’ laws. This week it’s Squander Two, I notice that he sent you packing. How much more can you take? When will you learnt that you are useless, and should give it up?

    You’ve got a serious problem, and that’s all it is. You ain’t ‘in the right’, you’re a lunatic. A seething, seedy little man. What compels you to pretend that up is down and black is white?

    Whatever it is, you’ve convinced me of one thing. You’re an immature little BS merchant.

  2. Are you the same bloke who keeps coming back making offtopic posts in the hope of carrying on arguments about guns that you appear to have lost elsewhere? Cool.

  3. When can we expect you to start posting this ‘superkoranic fellatio’ shit at Samizdata or House of Dumb or SquanderTwo, johnb? I see that you rushed back over to Sq2, just because of me posting here, presumably. What a superkoranic immature thing to do.

  4. i) Never. They’re serious sites; it would be rude to depart from their tone with nonsensical frippery. SBBS, it’s fair to say, is not exactly serious (similarly, Dumb Jon is far more aggressively rude in his posts than S2, and I moderate the tone of my comments on the two sites accordingly).

    ii) No, I went back to S2 because you told me he’d replied to me, and I was interested to see what he’d said because I respect him as a commentator. See, you do have a use after all, much to my surprise.

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