Stealing good, not stealing bad

Under US law, not stealing a DVD is now punished more severely than actually stealing one. I think it might be time to decapitate the leaders of the record and film industries, and the corrupt politicians who allow them to dictate the law.

(via BoingBoing)

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23 thoughts on “Stealing good, not stealing bad

  1. stealing is the best thing i have ever done becuae no-one has ever caght me! so i still steal and the last thing i did steal was a tv!! COOl HUH!

  2. yea stealing is crazy but hell everyone steals even good people steal a breath of life , they steal someeones heart away from oneself stealing is both good n bad it just deppends what it is

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  9. i am a thief and i got cougth its not good to steal because it hit you back in life an when it hit you it hit you hard

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