Sean Thomas is moderately amusing, but also a twat. Experiencing his blog is rather like reading a Martin Amis novel while being lovelessly buggered by your fat, elderly landlord because it’s the only way you can pay the rent.

I recommend you read the site until Mr Thomas’s overwhelming desire to please, impress and disturb (but not too much, because that might undermine the ‘please’ and ‘impress’) leaves you wishing you’d never encountered him in the first place.

Hmm. I’ve made more wholehearted recommendations in the past. And will do in the future. Go and read Chicken Yogurt. It’s excellent. Also go and read Greenlander. It’s better than having electrodes attached to your genitals, which is high praise indeed in my book [*].

And that is what the future will be like.

[*] Sadly, my book has been banned in Canada.

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10 thoughts on “Recommendations

  1. Dawkins bless you indeed. And I may have to make "better than having electrodes attached to your genitals" something of a motto, or at least a baseline for intended quality of writing.

  2. I think I’m porridge cousins with Sean Thomas, if his list is accurate. He also looks quite like someone who I had occasion to threaten to chin, in a pub not far from the Rising Sun in Bloomsbury. Although to be honest, people looking like him are pretty thick on the ground in that square of the map.

  3. Are porridge cousins directly equal to Eskimo friends, or is there a degree of separation?

    Certaintly, if you’ve also shagged Mariella Frostrup, then I feel I probably should get out more.

  4. Similar, but more jealous and filthy, thoughts apply to Rachel Weisz.

    Also, what exactly is the definition of ‘porridge cousins’? It currently attracts no hits on Google, so I’m sure a wide array of curious minds want to know…

  5. Thanks for the link guys! I can confirm that Mariella Frostrup is a great shag. Likes being spanked.

    Sean Thomas

  6. I’ll bear that in mind if the occasion arises.

    Just to clear the other matter up, have you ever acted like a knobhead in the Lamb on Lamb’s Conduit Street? Were you threatened? Thanks.

  7. I have quite possibly acted like a knobhead on Lamb’s Conduit Street, yes. I lived on Doughty Street for a while, and in Red Lion Square too. Happy days.

    A bit of Googling has told me that you are, apparently, a beardy Welsh cunt. Is that right? If so, you must be a very inconspicuous beardy Welsh cunt, cause I don’t remotely remember you, nor your strange pub behaviour. Sorry about that.

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