I don’t understand the motivations driving criminal prosecutors, just as I don’t particularly understand the motivations driving axe-murderers. "Woo hoo, let’s devote my life to fucking up other people’s lives; it’ll be a laugh."

At least as a judge or magistrate, although you’ll have to horribly punish people, there’s generally scope to take their guilt or innocence into account. Prosecutors, as demonstrated admirably by the Kenny Richey case among thousands of others, really couldn’t care less; it’s all about getting a conviction.

Yes, I know that assorted right-wing persons will cite revenge as an important driver. This is because assorted right-wing persons are barbarous fucks. And yes, I also know prosecutors are necessary for the fucntioning of society. So are sewage workers and ratcatchers, and I’d question the motivations of anyone who did those jobs other than for the money (prosecution barristers, who do it for a great deal of money, are exempted from this rant…)

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