Magnanimous in defeat

So only 15 of you voted for me in the AFOE awards? Wankers.

Just to punish you for that appalling lapse of taste, I’m going to continue posting fatuous nonsense and wrong-headed expletive-laden opinions on this site indefinitely.

Meanwhile, congratulations to the rather excellent, Sadly, No! and Slugger O’Toole, and also to the bunch of hopeless pisspoor nobodies who won the other categories, presumably through cheating (I mean, 200 votes for this tedious cack, coming ahead of the Head Heeb? Is it just cos she’s a girl who occasionally mentions shagging? If that’s what sways your blog-reading habits, either find a real partner or just look at porn, forchrissake…)

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3 thoughts on “Magnanimous in defeat

  1. a travesty of justice. I only wish I’d voted for you now. Perhaps there is a lesson in this for disaffected Labour supporters at the General Election. But, I think, probably not.

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