Illiberal undemocrat

Scouse cunt Mike Storey joins Melody Pfieffer on the SBBS £50 bounty list, for his puritan, philistine lunacy: "Places where people work should be non-smoking – that includes theatres. There are ways around this when we talk about actors smoking – they could use dummy cigarettes for example. But I would also say that soap operas and plays in which people smoke promote bad role models anyway."

People who seek to use the law to stop other people from smoking should be shot. It’s the only fair and proportionate response.

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4 thoughts on “Illiberal undemocrat

  1. A counter-view.
    In the theatre when people point guns at each other, they go off bang, someone falls down, they’re pretending to die. They don’t really shoot guns.
    In the theatre when people get out the works, they inject themselves with heroin, they’re pretending, they don’t really shoot up.
    In the theatre when people pour a cup of tea, they only pour out a minimal amount, and generally only pretend to drink.

    Audiences have no problem suspending disbelief.

    Surely smoking is worse for you than drinking tea?

    (The idea of "promoting bad role models" is of course insane and demonstrates that your man Storey is indeed an ignorant cunt)

  2. Yup, that was the thing that particularly pissed me off – I accept there’s at least a sane argument for banning smoking on stage, although I don’t agree it would be a good thing to do.

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