Bunch of Chappaquidicks

I’m not, as I may have said before [*], a person who normally wishes horrible fates on people. However, I would like to see how all the right-wingers who purport to hate Edward Kennedy over Chappaquidick would react if they were trapped in a sinking car.

I’m sure that every last one of them would do the brave and heroic thing and risk their own life to rescue the girl. And I’m sure that if they didn’t, then they’d feel they deserved exactly the same level of contempt and visceral abuse that they’ve visited on Senator Kennedy over the last 30 years.

After all, if they were to do otherwise, then they’d be vicious partisan hacks cynically exploiting a young woman’s death to attack someone with whose political views they disagree. I wouldn’t want to level such an accusation at my worthy adversaries.

[*] Generally in the context of wishing horrible fates on people. This in no way invalidates my assertion.

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